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Oprema Loader Hire

Our loaders for hire are available throughout Australia and is based in Perth and Pilbara. Wherever you are, our high-quality front-end loaders are ready for your next project. Our past clients have been able to rent CAT loaders and wheel loaders.

Past clients included some of the nation's hardest-working project managers, contractors and companies. They choose us for our reliability, exceptional customer service and impressive equipment. 

  • Our fleet includes 
  • Cat 930 Loader
  • Cat 980 Loader
  • Cat 988 Loader 
  • WA600 Loader. 

have been chosen to provide our customers with optimum results in their projects.

Loaders for every project

Whether your project is small, large, domestic or commercial, our loaders can handle it. If you're unsure which front end loader you need, either a CAT 930k or a CAT 980k, then please feel free to call our team for advice. We have been able to help hundreds of engineers, project managers, government contractors and companies over the years, to rent the right gear for the job at hand. We're familiar with the wheel loader requirements needed for a variety of tasks. This may be from mining and tailing dams to road building and civil works. Whatever the attachments and specifications you require, we can provide them.

Oprema front loader CAT

Maintained front end loaders

Looking after our loaders for hire is a great priority for our team at Oprema. We're passionate about delivering equipment in good condition. That means you don't have to worry about unexpected problems or breakdowns. However, if, by some small chance, there is an issue, we can provide assistance quickly. That applies across Perth, Pilbara, and the rest of Western Australia and beyond.

Oprema Front loader on site

Whether you are needing to rent a CAT 930k in Pilbara, or are looking for a CAT 980k for hire in a town in the Northern Territory, we can provide assistance. Whatever and wherever your project begins or is, we have the loaders to make it happen. Please get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team today.

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